Мебель Elledue Arredamenti – официальный дилер в России

Via Indipendenza, 194
20821 – Meda (MB) – Italy

Factory official dealer Elledue in Russia

Elledue, founded in 1972 and still owned by the founding family, is a leading company in the market for luxury contemporary classic furniture.

The brand philosophy is to create the perfect space for the future in your home. The widespread use of various materials to create furniture fills the finished interior with light and air. Graceful and elegant details soften the initial stiffness trends. The austerity of Elledue furniture creates a sense of magic. This furniture looks like a science fiction film that appears out of nowhere for the convenience of a person and disappears after use. Bookcases and sideboards just merge with the wall and appear on the horizon of your attention only when you need them.

The interior of Elledue is unlimited space, light, and air. The collection of the factory is filled with the joy of life, lightness, freedom, and optimism, and strikes with a stunning contrast of colors. The clear lines of Elledue compositions for living rooms fascinate with the intricacy of forms: different levels of shelves, podiums, shelving in combination with unusual contrasting colors of furniture upholstery.

For many years, the factory has been a leader in the Italian and international furniture market, producing exclusive furniture of brilliant design and impeccable quality.

Elledue furniture Italy — freedom of emotions and new sensations

Our furniture collections — designed by Italian and international architects have a peculiar mood and inspiration, and our wide assortment can satisfy even the most sophisticated connoisseur. We love to define the existing style as “Classic Avant-garde”, as our approach reinterprets classic furniture in a fresh, bold and modern way. This is what we achieve through craftsmanship on the one hand and the use of modern technology on the other.

Years of experience in the production of high-quality furniture and a full range of services dedicated to various exhibition halls, interior designers and architects make Elledue an ideal partner for the development, production, and installation of individual interior design projects.

Elledue — innovative design and top quality

At Elledue, we are specialists in the development and manufacture of individual interior design projects. Our many years of experience in the production of luxury furniture and a passion for small details make the Elledue brand an ideal partner for those customers who are looking for unique solutions for interior design.

Thanks to our own production and our local network of regular suppliers and finishing specialists, we have full control over the production. This means that our customers can always monitor the production process to ensure the highest quality of our furniture.

The range of products is presented in the widest range so that you can easily equip each room of your living space:

  • stylish and comfortable furniture sets for bedrooms;
  • practical and luxurious kitchens and sets for dining areas;
  • stylish, incredibly beautiful bathrooms;
  • Luxurious and multifunctional furniture for office and home office.

You can also pick up a chest of drawers, bedside tables, dressing rooms, bookshelves, doors and lighting devices for every taste and price policy.

Customers trust the Elledue factory because our products have proven to be the best in the global market among analog companies. High-quality, safe, reliable and durable elite Italian furniture Elledue will serve you for many years without changing its operational and aesthetic properties.

Elledue home furniture works only with the best materials purchased from trusted suppliers, guaranteeing the reliability and environmental friendliness of its raw materials:

  • genuine leather and the best Italian fabric;
  • tree (mainly cherry, oak);
  • strong tempered glass;
  • natural and artificial stone;
  • high-quality metal alloys, etc.

If you pay great attention to the safety of the surrounding space, then you will certainly be satisfied with the performance demonstrated by the furniture of our successful brand in this direction.

Of course, like most Italian furniture companies, Elledue focused on the quality of its products. So there is no need to talk about reliability, durability, strength and wear resistance — this is a guaranteed fact. This high reliability is ensured thanks to the high-quality materials used in the production, and thanks to the incredible talent of the factory employees who made every possible effort for the proper state of furniture models, as well as due to strict control at every stage of production.

For several decades, the Elledue factory has been pleasing the buyer with an interesting design and excellent furniture performance. Comfortable, original, stylish, it was truly loved by many buyers, not only in Italy but also abroad. And this is quite natural. Having Elledue home furniture is considered good practice — and you can join the hundreds of happy owners with great products thanks to the Elledue elite Italian furniture office in Moscow.